Induced Contrast Asynchrony

Gradient-Gradient Illusions

Phases of the Egg I
(interactive) (static pdf)

Phases of the Egg II
(interactive) (static pdf)

Shift and Shade Illusions

**New Improved**
Window Shade & Rocking Disk

Dynamic Tilt Illusions
Dynamic Tilt With Gap

Equiluminant Tilt
(See pdf file)

Barbell Illusion

Luminance Gauge Photometry
**New Improved**
Gauge Asynchrony
The Thin Gradiant Line
Spatial Interactions

**New Improved**
White's Effect

Variant White's Modulation
DeValois' Checkerboard

Window Shade
Ramp Effect
Gauge Asynchrony
Scission, Pulsing, and Transparency
Pinna Diamond
Elemental Conditions
Funky Eyes
Edge Effect Variations

Fun With Pulsing


Contrast Asynchrony (Parametric manipulations)


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